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You can always mail a check to the lodge or pay these items at the club POS

Lodge Membership Dues - 2019-2020          $60.00 + $2.00 Surcharge

Member Reinstatement Fee - 2019-2020         $25.00 + 2.00 Surcharge

(This is for any member that has lapsed more than 1 Year from the Elks)

PER Association Dues - 2019-2020         $20.00 + Surcharge (If Applies)

(Any member whom has served as Exalted Ruler)

Mortgage Reduction Donation                  Donate Any Amount

Veterans Committee Donation                   Donate Any Amount

Scholarships Committee Donation           Donate Any Amount

Lodge Dues Round Up (Name where you want it put)   Donate Any Amount

Elks National Foundation Donation           $10.00 + Surcharge (If Applies)

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