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Fun Facts About the Elks
Listed below is a few celebrities that were or are Elk Members:
Former U.S. Presidents
Franklin D. Roosevelt 
Harry Truman
John F. Kennedy 

Gerald Ford
Former U.S. Senators
Everett McKinley Dirksen of Illinois
Robert J. Dole of Kansas

Former Speakers of the House
Tip O'Neill
Carl Albert
John McCormick 
Sam Rayburn 

Lawrence Welk 
Will Rogers
Jack Benny

Andy Devine.....Devine was even Exalted Ruler
of San Fernando, California Lodge
Clint Eastwood is a member of the
Monterey, California, Lodge
Ben Affleck
Vince Lombardi
Casey Stengel
Mickey Mantle 
Whitey Ford
Robert Montgomery "Bobby" Knight
Jim Finks
"Mad Money" Jim Cramer
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