Awards & Honors

Elk of the Year

William "Bill" Hopkins

Bill can be found in the lodge kitchen cooking for our Brunch Buffet every second Sunday of the month.  He has been a regular volunteer, helping in the kitchen on Monday and Friday nights for several years.  This past year when we were in need of more volunteers to continue to offer food service on Monday nights, Bill stepped up from once a month to volunteering every other Monday which helped the lodge following a three and half month closure due to the pandemic.

Officer of the Year

Kim Thompson

She has been a lodge officer for three years.  This past lodge year she served as Lecturing Knight, outside of the Elks, she serves as the Director of the Third City Community Clinic.

Citizen of the Year

Brian Whitecalf

Brian can be found volunteering in our community anywhere food is being distributed to those in need.  Brian's goal would be to eliminate food insecurity in our community.  He advocates for those in need and has promoted the construction of Little Free Pantries throughout the community.