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Grand Island 604 Committee Chairpersons


Auditing & Accounting

Community Activities
Youth Activities
Hoop Shoot
Drug Awareness
Elks National Foundation
Flag Day
Elks Memorial Day
Lodge Activities
Veteran Services
Accident Prevention
PER Association
Standing Relief
Public Relations

Soccer Shoot
Government Relations
State Major Projects
Lodge Bulletin
Pickle Cards
Eagle Scout
Deer Hides
Building & Maintenance
Girl Scouts
Teen & Student of the Month
Club Entertainment
Impact Grant
Little Free Pantry

Barry Hopkins, Beau Casares,
Adolph Brandt
Justin Brandt
Jane Berggren & Kim Thompson
E. J. Corretjer
Bill Foster
Bill Carstens & Bill Koller
Barry Hopkins
Kim Thompson
Dennis Berggren & Bill Foster
Ken Ward
Barry Hopkins & Terri Maloy
Jeremy Brandt
Justin Brandt
Ken Ward
Bill Carstens
Kim Thompson
Steven Woodward
Linda Hopkins
Barry Hopkins, Bill Koller, Ken
Ward, Bill Foster
E. J. Corretjer
Terri Maloy
Linda Hopkins
Vanessa Ward
Linda Hopkins
Bill Foster
Dale Nielson
Justin Brandt & Dale Nielson
Barry Hopkins & Troy Eckhart
Justin Brandt & Bill Carstens
Jeremy Brandt
Jeremy Brandt
Jim Thompson
Dennis Berggren
Vanessa Ward

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